Trust Think Security Introduction
Trust Think Security for Internet of Things. For consumer connected device, such as smart lock, industrial device such as Meter. This software is based on an ARM PSA MCU, such as M33 core MCU Because there is ARM' s Trustzone inside.
  • 功能特点
    Arm TrustZone creates an isolated secure world which can be used to provide confidentiality and integrity to the system. It is used on billions of applications' processors to protect high-value code and data for diverse use cases including authentication, content protection . 
    Use Trust Think Security to improve the security of MCU systems, such as connection cloud service authentication, communication data encryption, product code protection, product data protection, and more.

           Device id management

           Internal random number generator

           KEY generator, storage and protection

           Code security inspection.

           Encryption and decryption algorithms like RSA/ECC

           Communication data encryption

           Hardware invasion detection and self-destruction

           Authentication flows of the security cloud

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